Richard Haining is a Brooklyn-based studio furniture maker and artist. Raised in Atlanta GA and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, he is committed to responsible design that is meticulously hand-crafted with a modern sensibility.

Initially, Richard began working with scraps due to a lack of financial resources, but very quickly he became engrossed in the challenge of using very small parts to create a larger whole. This, coupled with the over-abundance of wood being thrown out from local woodshops and the plethora of pre-war building materials being trashed from NYC’s architectural landscape have become the building blocks for his STACKED Collection. What other people deemed “waste” was perfectly good in his eyes, only requiring a bit more time and patience to create the finished piece.

The incredible variation, intensity of tones and colors inherently found in Richard’s STACKED work is a result of the wood's prior life. Water and mineral stains, contrasting heartwood and sapwood, knots, century-old nail holes, and other “defects” that are part of that lumber's history, a fingerprint of time since passed, a natural beauty to be celebrated, and only found through reclamation.

In a world that tends to covet newness and longs for instant gratification, Richard’s work finds value in the exact opposite. Be it a vessel, a sculpture, a table or a light, the ritual of creating unique objects from previously discarded materials makes a powerful statement about what we consider valuable and desirable. It is Richard’s hope that his work will inspire mindfulness and appreciation for materials often overlooked.