Richard Haining is a Brooklyn-based studio furniture maker and artist. Raised in Atlanta and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, he is committed to responsible design that is elegantly hand-crafted with a modern sensibility.

Blurring the line between function and fine art. Richard works with designers, trade professionals, and residential clients alike; custom tailoring each piece to suit each client’s specific needs. Richard’s meticulous attention to detail results in finished pieces that are both utilitarian and beautiful.

Much of his current work is directly influenced by the over-abundance of waste and scrap wood being discarded around him. He finds beauty in the knots, century-old nail holes, mineral stains, and other “defects” that are part of that tree’s history, a fingerprint of time since passed, a natural beauty to be celebrated. Even the off-cuts are not wasted; they just require a bit more patience, imagination, and love in order to be reborn. 

These locally salvaged remnants became the building blocks for his ‘Stacked’ collection of vessels and case goods. The one-of-a-kind patterns created by the tiny stacked wooden pieces achieve a quality reminiscent of mosaic tile work, basketry, and ceramics. The simple and classical forms are inspired by a variety of cultures including African, Native American, & Ancient Grecian, as well as the mid-century modern period.

In a world that tends to shun manual labor, Richard finds pure joy in the art of working with his hands. The ritual of creating each individual piece is a very gratifying experience for him, and it is his wish that the recipients of his work experience the same delight.